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For real!

2011-04-09 01:50:04 by SaberToothedHand

I am gettin serious about my animating now. Just got access to a new desktop 5 days a week. Granted, Windows MovieMaker SUCKS but I can edit the animations the other 2 days of the week ^_^

I'm drawing a comic for it, then I'll write out the script, and look for voice actors at school while I animate the parts that don't need lip-synching. After that, though... I'm serious about my writing and a straight-up plot line, so after that I go to outlining the whooole Series 1. That would take about 10 hours of me actually working. Depending on if people say it's going to suck or not, I might end up working diligently or off-and-on.

Aaanyway, back to the realm of the present. Here's a (very) low-res preview of how my animation is going to be. Anime-style, lots of action if I feel up to it. The clipping is from a school project. I'll either edit in a link or make a new post when it's finished and uploaded to youtube. That video would be a sample of how good/bad my animating would be.

For real!


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2011-05-03 11:31:03

well.....goodluck & if you ever need any voice actors lemme know?